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Founded in 1982, the Giant Lion Know-How Co., Ltd. is dedicated to R&D of latest generation innovative technology of clean-mobility powertrain, renewable energy system and consumer oriented intelligent tools. The aim of the company is to provide an architecture-optimized renewable energy system which harmonically compatible with city, community and ecological environment.


Our Technology and Product Fields

  • Intelligent hand tools

  • A.I. integrated tools & equipment

  • IoT integrated tools & equipment

Ahead Tools & Equipment

  • Real-time operation ergonomic ring mouse (From space cyborg to gaming)

  • Charger that capable of charging mixture of Ni-MH and Alkaline cells

  • Charger that capable of charging mixture of cells with different residual quantity

Ahead Portable 3C Accessories

  • Passenger and Industrial electric vehicle (EV)

  • Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)

  • Plug-In hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

  • Range extender electric vehicle (REEV)

Hyper Performance Powertrains

  • Hyper performance electric machine

  • EM with well T-N characteristic & super start torque

  • EM without permanent magnet

  • EM with permanent magnet

High Start Torque Electric Machines

  • MWP (Multi-Way Plate) low internal resistance high-power-density battery cell

  • Variable inertia freewheel energy storage equipment

High Power Density Energy Storage Device

  • Shallow geothermal temperature regulation system for greenhouse & agriculture (energy saving)

  • Shallow geothermal air-conditioner for buildings (energy saving)

Near Zero Energy Consumption Hyper Performance Borehole Application

  • Shallow geothermal cooling system for wind turbine generator

  • Shallow geothermal cooling system for transformer box

  • Active temperature regulation thermostatic system by geothermal for machines tools & measuring equipment

Geothermal Cooling System for Wind Turbine Generator & Transformer Box

  • Shallow geothermal cooling system for photovoltaic panel

Geothermal Cooling System for Photovoltaic Panel

  • Street light with closed-loop internal air flow cooling system

  • Street ‧ highway ‧ factory ‧ public space 5 ~ 500 Watt LED lighting with long lifetime driver

  • Uninterrupted power supply device for LED lighting and charging station

AC/DC LED with Long Lifetime Driver

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